Better Than Talking To A Person

The only digital ordering system that beats the status quo.

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Networked Customers

Every kioskoMobile restaurant is automatically networked with every other restaurant. Giving customers the consistent experience and ease of use they demand across every brand on the platform.

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3 Taps To Order

Ultimate simplicity in order flow. 3 taps from start order to pay. That is ordering that is better than talking to a person.

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Turn Key Development

kioskoMobile is a streamlined platform allowing your restaurant to be up and running with the most customer friendly ordering experience in no time.

Digital Ordering to enhance the bottom line

kioskoMoblie blends modern scalability and high tech operational innovations to drive growth opportunities.

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    The customer friendly solution to rising employee costs.

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    Lines are no longer your bottleneck. Modern scalability tailored to your needs.

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    kioskoMobile ordering increases revenue per transaction and from repeat business.

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Making complexity simple!

Customers shouldn’t have to be confused in front of a kiosk or scratch their heads while using an app. Our code handles all the complexity.

All that is left is a surprisingly simple order flow ready made for all customers to use, no instructions needed.

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Test drive a kioskoMobile app

Try every aspect of the kioskoMobile order flow before you implement, download a partner app today.

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Driving operational efficiency through customer experience


Obliterate your lines and introduce modern scalabilty to your restaurant. The only bottleneck is how fast you can get the food to the window.


Every restaurant on the platform is automatically networked with every other restaurant. Every customer added to the network by any restaurant is automatically one of your customers too. That is the miracle of a viral network.

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    ”kioskoMobile is a game-changer. It completely changed our bottom line!”

    Sean Kang, Owner The Wash Desserts and Drinks

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    ”Our employees love it! Our customers love it! I love it!”

    Devin Cash, Owner The Bistro

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    ”Easiest digital order I have ever experienced”

    Nico Nicolli, Partner Marley’s Sliders

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