3 taps to order

3 taps from start order to pay. That is ordering that is better than talking to a person.

Networked Customers

Every Kiosko Mobile restaurant is automatically networked with every other restaurant. Giving customers the consistent experience and ease of use they demand across every brand on the platform.

Turn key setup

Your restaurant can be up and running with the most customer friendly ordering experience in no time

Bottom line

Digital ordering results in more loyal customers, higher order amounts and lowers or eliminates the need for employees to stand at a counter.

Digital ordering
enhances the bottom line

Operational Cost Savings

The customer friendly solution to rising employee costs.

Line Mitigation

Lines are no longer your bottleneck. Modern scalability tailored to your needs.


Increased Revenue

Kiosko Mobile ordering increases revenue per transaction and from repeat business.

More Space

Declutter your counters with floor, table, and wall mounted options

Making complexity simple!

Kiosko ordering consistently suprises and delights


Perfectly designed

Customers shouldn’t have to be confused in front of a kiosk or scratch their heads while using an app. Our code handles all the complexity.

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What our merchants say

The technology is proving successful

"Our kiosk has been a complete game changer. It completely changed our bottom line in a surprisingly short amount of time!"
Sean Kang
Owner, The Wash Desserts and Drinks
"Easiest digital ordering I have ever experienced."
Nico Nicolli
Partner, Marley's Sliders
"Our employees love it! Our customers love it! I love it!"
Devin Cash
Owner, The Bistro

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